All of us have experienced the wardrobe blues, yes, I call it the wardrobe blues and this is when your closet is full of clothes – clothes that you are wearing, clothes you have not worn for some time or even clothes that are just sentimental.

Before I go further, you might be thinking: “I have heard this all before and I don’t really want to read another blog on how to organize my closet and I would rather want to read more on styling, fashion etc”.

Well, we sometimes have to come back to basics and start at the beginning and basic is your closet and what items you have in your closet.

Here are some of the reasons why certain items are in your closet:

  1. You nervous to throw certain items out as you might want to wear it in the future
  2. You might wear a certain item again when you have lost the necessary weight
  3. A certain item has sentimental value
  4. You don’t understand your style


This is just a few of the reasons why certain items are in your closet and I want to focus a bit on no 4 and this is to understand your style.

Here are some reasons why there might not be an understanding of what your style might be:

  1. You like a certain style, but you don’t think you can pull it off
  2. You feel insecure about your body
  3. You are an emotional buyer
  4. You don’t know your body type
  5. You are unsure which colours suit you; and the list goes on.


Once you grasp your style, it will be easier to clear out your closet on a seasonal basis and buy the essentials and later on to add to these items.

So, how do I go about clearing my closet?  First you have to make a quality decision and set time apart to face this mountain ? and then it’s quite simple and I am certain most of you already know the answers to these questions:

  1. Have I worn this item in the past 12 months?
  2. Does this item truly reflect who I am (my style)?
  3. Will I realistically loose the necessary weight to fit into a certain item and if so, does this truly reflect my style?
  4. Does this item hold sentimental value and if so, does this item reflect my style and if not, rather keep it in a keep safe box?
  5. Does this item pair with other items in my closet?
  6. Does this item suit my lifestyle?


Answering these questions truthfully is hard but the reward is so much greater! You will have a closet which will suit your lifestyle, your style, not be cluttered and practical.

So, I want to challenge you ladies out there, go and de-clutter your closet and start building on a closet which truly reflects you and your lifestyle.

Remember ladies, when you de-clutter your wardrobe you will not buy unnecessary items, which will ultimately safe you costs.

PS: Let me know how it goes? ?

With style


Picture credit:  Pinterest

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