A Night At The Oscars

The 2018 Academy Awards has come and gone and the tongues were wagging about the different fashions on the red carpet.

My tongue is going to be one of them.  #smileyface

I must say the fashion selections at this year’s Oscars had its high and lows, with some “out there” fashions. Well I suppose if you want to make a statement, the red carpet is the place to do it.

I have now jumped on the band wagon and decided to share some of my favourite dresses of the evening.

Let’s start off with Octavia Spencer’s deep emerald green, off the shoulder dress.  Wow, an amazing dress that compliments her fuller figure.  The band around her waist subtly shows off her hourglass figure.  Just a winner for a night at the Oscars!  Well done to her and her stylist!

Now to one of my favourite ladies both on and off of the red carpet, the beautiful Lupita Nyong’o.  Her black and gold, gladiator type of feel dress is stunning on her.  I love the detail on the sleeve, which is perfectly brought down to her waist, also to complimenting her figure.  The slit in the dress is a “high-light” of the dress, she has got the legs, why not show them off!  Hoorah to Lupita.

Then Jennifer Lawerence also rocked a metallic gold dress, just an all-around winner – enough said!

Haven’t seen Sandra Bullock on the red carpet for a while and thank you, Sandra, for looking lovely as ever, this dress is looking gorgeous on you with the sleek hair just topping the look.  As they say once you have it, you will always have it.

I am a big fan of Helen Mikren, she is styled so age appropriately and with such simplicity.  The dress that she wore to Oscars is a good example of this.  This blue dress is so elegant and simplistic it makes my toes curl of happiness, just to prove once again that less is more.  One day when I grow up I want to be like Helen. ?

The red dress that Allison Janners wore, I only really loved for one reason and that was the sleeves, it just gave that whole dress such an elegant feel and look to it.  Well done lady in red!

Then lastly one of my favourite actresses Jennifer Garnier, wow, wow, wow, that dress…  That dress does not need to be explained… that shade of blue against her skin tone, the soft feel to dress with the chiffon that flows to the carped and the neckline that gives her such grace.  I give this a million out of a million.  I WANT THIS DRESS!  ?

Well there you have short and sweet summary of my seven favourite looks of the 2018 Oscars and I am looking forward to see what the carpet brings in 2019!


Photo credit : E-Entertainment

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