The Final Essentials

O wow, what a crazy few weeks it has been. I have had numerous meetings with clients, doing photoshoots and other work in between. Now we are at the end of the year and I have not yet completed the series on the ten essential items every woman needs in her closet.

So, I have decided to combine the last few outfits as there are exciting new projects ahead. I will share in due course.

The last of our remaining outfits are the following:

• Black tailored pants and/or dark jeans;
• Pencil skirt;
• LBD (Little Black Dress);
• Classic pumps; and
• Ballet shoes.

Let’s start with the tailored pants and/or black jeans – I have decided to combine the two as you can dress them quite similarly. As seen in picture one and two, these items are a classic to wear with flat high-heel pumps. Both of these look very stylish for work or a day out with the girls. In the second picture, the pants are paired with one of this season’s fashion items; The off the shoulder top which is an elegant look for day or night.

Then there is the pencil skirt – I personally love this item of clothing as this is one which will never go out of style. It is truly a classic look for many body types. This item is ideal for corporate wear as this is an item that is feminine and shows confidence. It is an item which can encourage a woman to be taking seriously in the corporate world. One of this seasons trends are florals, and this look can be softened by wearing a floral pencil skirt and a neutral high-heel pump.

Ahhh, then the famous LBD, a must for every woman, regardless of your body shape or size. There is a dress for every lady, the secret is to find yours! This item is great for an evening out to any event and also, if worn and accessorised correctly, can be fashionable for a day out with family or friends.

Lastly, I have incorporated the high-heel pump with some of the outfits above, but the truth is you can pair any of these items with a pair of ballet shoes for a more relax and comfortable look.

So ladies, we have come to the end of this series. If you wish to know a bit more and want to learn how to pair these outfits or which outfits is the best for your body shape, contact at on and lets create your OWN style journey.

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