The Style Dilemma

I have been sitting at my desk and wondering where to start with this topic.  As I don’t want to start off on a wrong “note”, so to speak, as this is a very important topic. Style is the outward reflection of who you are.

Yup, you read correctly, style is the outward reflection of who you are.  If you go to your closet right now, you will see that most of your clothes has a “theme”, whether it is sporty, elegant, natural etc.  Once you have realized what the “theme” is, you have to take a step back and ask yourself, is this the style I want to wear and does this style to reflect who I truly am.

If your answer is no to the above question, then you have to take it further and ask why I am not dressing a style which truly reflects who I am. The answer to this can be a number of reasons:

  1. You think you can not afford this type of style
  2. You feel that you dress a certain style, people will notice you and you uncomfortable with this idea, in other words your hiding behind your clothes
  3. You feel uncomfortable with certain aspects of your body and think that you can not pull off the style you after
  4. Your lifestyle and/or environment does not allow you to dress a certain style.


I understand the mentioned reasons; however, they are not true, you can pull off the style that you after, you just have to understand your body type and how to dress accordingly in the style that you wish.

You can be a housewife and still look stylish, you can work in a corporate environment and feel that your style is sporty but can incorporate these together, you love the elegant look, but feel that you have to buy expensive or “labels” to pull off this look, but you have to understand where and how to shop and the list goes on.

I want to challenge you, go and have a look at your closet and again ask the question, does my closet truly reflect my style?  If the answer is no, make a decision to maybe contact an Image Consultant who can guide you into your style journey and open up a whole new world for you.

All of us wants to feel good in what you wear and look good wearing it – let me tell you a secret YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!   Make a quality decision to invest the time to make your outward appearance reflect the true you!

With Style



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