Friday Look Of The Week

The look I have chosen for this week, has seriously been haunting me all week. It is just a hot look for winter and yes, I know it is not winter in South Africa, but when an outfit is hot, it is just hot!

The outfit was worn by Mandy Moore, I must say I love this lady style, always looking chic.

The dress she wore this week, first of all was WOW, the cut, the style just amazingly suits her, pairing it with knee high boots and a coat, it just made this look all the more hot!

Thinking about this outfit, I just again realised that it’s a good thing to step out of your comfort zone with your style. Wear something different, something unexpected. After all you only live once!

The secret to amazing style is making it your own and wearing it with confidence.

Be different, be YOU!

Image By E-Entertainment

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